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About TRON

There are literally tons of coins, ICOs and tokens to choose from when you browse through the many cryptocurrency exchanges online but one that is really making a splash is that of TRX. Born out of a vision for an internet that is free from overbearing commercial influence.

TRON (TRX) will be the central economy of this brave new internet and will allow users to send and receive the coins as part of agreements, sales and purchases on the newly decentralized internet.

So if you like what you are hearing about TRON, its TRX cryptocurrency and its vision – you might want to carry on reading this review to learn more. You might just find that this is a project that you would like to invest in.

What is The TRON Coin (TRX)?

TRX is the cryptocurrency of TRON which is a project that claims is trying to heal the internet that we use today. Part of this vision includes the ability for users to own their content and have the ability to share it without having to hand over money to major corporations such as YouTube, Amazon and Facebook.

The aim for TRON is to create a decentralized internet that will improve on the entertainments aspect of its current state and give users more control, power and even the potential to earn currencies themselves when using it.

Whats Special About TRON (TRX)

Other than what TRON sets out to do, there really is nothing special about this project right now. This is because it is still in its early stages and is nothing more than a startup project that has yet to see any real results.

What is special, however, is the plans that it does have. Users will be able to earn currencies for their content, choose who is able to take control of it and they will even be able to create their own cryptocurrencies on the network.

The biggest draw will certainly be privacy and the decentralized nature of an internet that has become monopolized in each and every way over the years. Furthermore, content which usually requires middlemen such as YouTube and Facebook to be seen without them even owning that content, will once again be owned by the person that created it.

Where to Buy TRON (TRX)

Released in 2017, TRON and its TRX cryptocurrency gave traders a glimpse at a more anonymous and decentralized internet that would be free of monitoring and corporate domination. This vision has been bought into on a global scale and the coin is now considered to be one of the most popular at the currency exchanges.

It can be found at a number of these exchanges with the following just a few of them:

  • Binance

Binance is one of our number one cryptocurrency exchanges as it seems to be a trustworthy one that really does value the security of its user’s portfolios. You can trade TRON for many other cryptocurrencies here.


If Binance is not somewhere you prefer, you can always opt for instead. This offers a range of trading pairs and cryptocurrencies to trade.

  • Liqui

Liqui is similar to Binance in the way that it only offers crypto-to-crypto trading options but many like this as it makes the whole trading process a lot more anonymous and therefore almost anyone can have an account at this cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Bitfinex

If you want to be able to buy your TRON using the USD fiat currency, Bitfinex will allow you to do so. You will be able to use a number of different payment methods to get your currency on the exchange and you can also deposit your cryptos too.

  • HitBTC

HitBTC is another option for you to consider and with this cryptocurrency exchange, you can use your credit card to gets funds deposited. This option also has the most currencies available to trade as well.

Whichever exchange you decide to use, make sure you put in your own research beforehand to make sure that it is one you feel that you can trust. We have suggested the above from our own experience and also the overall perception that we have received from others. This does not necessarily guarantee that they will be the right choice for you.

Investing in TRON (TRX)

It’s difficult really to offer much advice about investing in TRX as it is not your typical cryptocurrency. There is no product yet, the TRX currency is pre-mined and will have a maximum 100,000,000,000 TRX and the project is not said to be completed until 2023 at the earliest.

This essentially means that with a capital supply so large, you are not going to see huge jumps or drops in value. This doesn’t make it ideal for the traders that are looking to play the market and make quick gains. It would seem that this is a long-term investment instead, for those that truly believe in the vision that TRON has.

Still, its value has increased massively since it was launched, so there is definitely interest in this coin. 

Do I Need a TRON Wallet?

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, you always have to be on your guard and ensure that you are taking all the necessary precautions. The last thing you want to do is lose your cryptocurrencies to scammers, thieves or hackers, so yes, we do suggest that you find a wallet for your TRON.

The decentralized nature of these currencies is great for speeding up and cutting the costs of transferring currencies but the anonymity this provides makes it almost impossible to track down the identity of hackers or those that are now in control of your funds.

While there are also some very reputable cryptocurrency exchanges out there, you should never put your complete trust into any of them. Actually, in the world of cryptocurrency – trust no one.

Hardware Wallets

For the utmost in security, you will definitely want to consider a hard wallet as these allow you to literally hold on to your currency in your hand, pocket, safe, vault or even buried underground if you must. These are the furthest away you from hackers that you will be able to get under the current climate.

There are two hard wallets that support TRON right now and these are:

  • Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S has been the number ranked wallet for quite some time as it is a decent price compared to other hard wallets and also has some good security features. You will also find that many online wallets and client wallets can be integrated with this device as well.

  • Trezor

Another option is the Trezor, the first ever hard wallet to be released. You might have an issue with the fact that it is a bit more expensive compared to the Ledge Nano S but if you prefer having a good looking hard wallet, this is the one to use.

Software Wallets

If you do not have the money for a hard wallet or cannot justify spending money on one if you are only a light-trader, your next best option will be an online or client based wallet. These are nowhere near as safe but are definitely the lesser of two evils compared to leaving your currencies in the wallets at cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • MyEther Wallet

MyEther wallet is probably one of your better options when it comes to storing your TRON and this is available on many different platforms. Android, iOS, Windows and OSX are all supported. All Ethereum tokens such as TRON can be stored here.

  • Ethereum Mist DApp

Ethereum Mist DApp is another good little option for you. This open-source wallet can also be run on various devices and operating systems as it is a browser-based wallet. Probably not the best when it comes to security compared to the others but a decent option nonetheless.

Pros & Cons

TRON is not really a cryptocurrency as such although technically TRX is. When you invest in TRON you are investing in a dream, a vision and the possibility that it will change the internet as we know it. However, the fact that it is nothing more than a vision is also a concern for others as it could just one day bomb.

That being said, this is a strong vision and one that we feel many in the world will want to be a part of if it comes to fruition. This is definitely a project that we can see will attract the investment of many.


  • Solid team of developers and investors
  • Bold and promising vision
  • Users to be paid to use the network


  • Market supply of 100 billion
  • No product yet – just a vision

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