Quadrigacx Exchange Review

Quadrigacx Exchange Review
9 Total Score
  • Supports traders worldwide
  • A good variety of transfer options
  • Very deep liquidity
  • Offers multiple pairs
  • Highly secure encryption
  • Many open channels for support
  • Extensive FAQ/Support Centre
  • Low Fees
  • Easy to sue trading functions
  • Accept fiat currencies

Quadrigacx Crypto Review

Trust Score: 9/10

Quadrigacx is a 100% Canadian based cryptocurrency exchange and is mostly known for its trading platform that predominantly deals with BTC, ETH and CAD. The company is the largest Cryptocurrency Exchange is the country based out of Vancouver.

Their main aim is to ensure that clientele have a user-friendly platform for buying and selling Bitcoins and Ether and all prices are compared to the Canadian dollar. There is also a wallet provided within your Quadrigacx account.

The exchange also has a marked reputation for making security one of their top priorities. In fact, arguably Quadrigacx’s security systems are some of the most advanced in the industry; especially when it comes to trading in Bitcoins.

High-end encryption that supersedes some of the systems on Wall Street or London’s FTSE has meant members of Quadrigacx have complete peace of mind. All member accounts are tightly secured behind this encryption on bespoke operating systems designed by the company, so the coding is not common knowledge and therefore impossible to hack.

On top of this, Quadrigacx has collaborated up with Cloudflare where the API is fully protected from attacks or attempts to hack the company’s systems.

Mostly, Quadrigacx targets the Canadian market, which tends to prefer to use exchanges that are homegrown. This is due to Canada’s strict consumer rights laws, whereby Canadians feel much safer using a company from within the borders of Canada.

For anyone that wants to check the company out at their physical location in downtown Vancouver, Quadrigacx says that is not a problem at all, which is very rare for any exchange to accept visitors.

From a liquidity point of view, Quadrigacx does not have high volumes of BTC or ETH, but that has not deterred a growing number of Canadians signing up for the exchange. In the future, this company’s open-book attitude to who they and what their goals are within the crypto exchange marketplace makes them a very attractive digital currency exchange.


Mobile Apps

At the moment, Quadrigacx does not have any mobile apps available for their site. Nonetheless, you can visit and log in via your mobile browser where there is a mobile-friendly version of the website. You can see live trades and latest trades with interactive tables that allow you to scroll through the latest trades. Despite not having a mobile app, the service works fine for all the mobile browsers we tested from our office.

  • No mobile apps
  • Site works fine from a mobile browser
  • Latest trades and live trades


Coins Offered

The company does not focus on a large portfolio of cryptocurrency. At the moment there is no Ripple, Dash, IOTA, Monero and so on; although they do mention on their website that in the future, there is a possibility that they will add more cryptocurrencies.

Here is the list of currencies currently trading:

[vcw-table color=”white” currency=”USD” symbols=”BCH,BTG,ETH,LTC,XBT”]


Trading Tools

Trading could not be easier on Quadrigacx. Everything is controlled through your built-in wallet that contains fiat as well as cryptocurrency. From here you can swap currencies from crypto to crypto and from fiat currency to crypto as well as crypto to fiat currency.

On the QuadrigaCX exchange, you can see the live trading and shifts in currency values in order to make educated trading decisions.

You have all the currencies (markets) listed; for example:


The price value of each can be seen in real time in CAD or US$ depending on how you have set your trading configuration.

The table shows:

  • Market
  • Price
  • Open 24H
  • Range 24H
  • Last Trade
  • Volume 24H
  • Change 24H

It is an extremely easy interface to follow, and user-friendly in every way. You can also look at Live as well as Old data to get a feel for how each currency has been performing.

There is also a trades area for your profile, so you can track all trades made the ID as well for each trade.

The table of contents shows:

  • Market
  • Type (Buy/Sell)
  • ID
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Total

Honestly, it could not be easier than that. Everything can be tracked from the currency changes themselves to all trades made from your account. All in all, absolutely awesome.


Registering at Quadrigacx

Opening an account is very easy as with most exchanges. In the top right-hand side of the homepage, you will see a ‘Register Now’ option.

You will be given 2 choices:

  • Open a personal account
  • Open a business account

Next, you will need to go through the usual proceeding of providing personal information which includes the following:

  • Email
  • Address
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Residence

Be very sure all the information mentioned be it personal or business matches exactly the same as any legal documents you have should you be asked to provide a passport or additional identification.

Next, you will need a password that is no less than 8 characters plus your account will need the added security of having a pin code attached to it, which will be 4 to 6 digits and used for transaction authentication when you make withdrawals.

Once you have met all the prerequisites to signing up for an account, you will be sent a welcome email pack that will provide you with your unique client ID. You will use the client ID and the password set-up during the registration process to sign up.

Note: you cannot have multiple accounts; however, you can have a business account and a personal account, but the accounts must be opened with different emails addresses.

Overall, this is a very simple and immediate process. You can have an account up and running in a matter of minutes.


Making a Purchase at Quadrigacx

After you have followed through with the registration process, you will need to fund your account with dollars (wither US$ or CAD$). You can then use the trading tools provided with your account to trade your fiat currency for CAD/XBT or USD/XBT. You will use what is called order books for Bitcoin.

Once you have made the trade, then your built-in wallet will automatically have updated with the new balance in Bitcoin. The same process applies to all other cryptocurrencies available under the hood of the Quadrigacx DCE.

You also have the option to buy Bitcoin cash, which instead of XBT, this will be BCH/XBT and BCH/CAD order books. You can use either Canadian dollars to do this or Bitcoins. With Bitcoin cash, you will be able to trade in Bitcoin very easily. On top of this, if you have Bitcoins, which when transferred to your account will show as XBT, you can swap these for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) using the BCH order book.

You can also buy Litecoin (LTC) in the same way. Fund your account with the accepted fiat currencies, and the trade the currency for LTC. The same process applies to all available currencies on the website.

  • Buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with CAD
  • Buy Bitcoin cash with Bitcoins (XBT)
  • Buy Litecoin using fiat currencies
  • Buy Ethereum using crypto or fiat currency
  • All accepted currencies can be bought with fiat currency


Accepted Payment Methods

This one exchange that allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies. The only two currencies accepted are CAD and US$. If you are transferring money from another fiat currency other than CAD or US$, then exchange rates will apply when funding your Quadrigacx account.

You can also use an existing cryptocurrency e-wallet to fund your account with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies the exchange will accept.

In short, accepted payments include fiat currency or cryptocurrency. You will need to log into your account to set-up your deposit methods.

  • Bank transfer
  • Express Bank Transfer
  • Interac e-Transfer
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • MasterCard/Amex
  • Cryptocurrency E-Wallet
  • PayPal


Transaction Fees

There are several different types of transaction fees, but overall they are very low. The fees are split into 3 areas.

  1. Trading Fees

Here you will find very low trading fees indeed. They can vary depending on the size/amount of the trade and the currency in questions. In general trading, fees stick between 0.2% and 0.5%.


  1. Funding your account

There are several different fees associated with funding your account. Not to worry though as they are all relatively low if not free in some cases.

Here are some examples of the fees you can expect:

  • Bank wire (Free) $500 min / Up to $500,000 per 24 hours / 5 business days
  • Crypto Capital (Free) $500 min / Up to $250,000 per 24 hours / next day
  • Bank Transfer CAD (2.5%) / min $250 / Up to $10,000 per 24 hours / 5 business days
  • Interac e-Transfer CAD (2% + $5) / min $500 / Up to $10,000 per 24 hours / next day
  • Interac Online CAD (1.5%) / min $50 / Up to $4,000 per 24 hours / instant


  1. Making Withdrawals

There are several withdrawal options available to you and most are free if you use the right transfer option; while others come with a small fee.

  • Bankwire (Free) USD/CAD $100 to $500,000 / $500,000 per 24 hours / 10 business days
  • Crypto Capital (free) US$500 – $250,000 or $500,000 CAD / US$250,000 or $500,000 CAD per 24 hours / Next day
  • Bank Transfer (free) $50 – $5,000 CAD / $100,000 CAD per 24 hours / 7 business days
  • Rapid Bank Transfer (5%) $1,000 – $5,000 CAD / $5,000 CAD per 24 hours / Next Day
  • Other options include Interac e-transfer 2% fee plus $5 (3 business days), cash delivery 2% fee plus $20 (next day), or Express Bank Transfer 2% fee (3 business days).
  • Visa/MasterCard/AMEX: 1% fee
  • Crypto Capital: Free
  • PayPal: Free
  • Voucher: $2.50
  • Bitcoin: Free
  • Ether: Free
  • Litecoin: Free


Countries Supported

This may come as a bit of a surprise, but QuadrigaCX cannot support US customers using US-based accounts. Also, due to MSB laws, they cannot accept IDs from US citizens. Quite strange, but the MSB laws are strict and US citizens are mostly bound to crypto trades within the US.

Aside from this, QuadrigaCX accept IDs from almost all countries around the world; therefore, they accept membership sign-ups from almost all counties.


Customer Support

Another nice aspect of being a member of QuadrigaCX is that they take customer support very seriously. There are few complaints about the support offered and that does not come as a surprise because most Canadian based businesses are concerned with keeping their customers happy.

There are several ways to get in contact with the customer care team including social media.

In addition to this, there is an extensive ‘Support Centre” where you can search for FAQs and other articles that help you get answers to questions about trading, purchases, account sign up, countries accepted and loads more.

The support centre is broken down into several sections:

  • Getting Started
  • FAQ
  • Verification
  • ID & Address Verification
  • Equifax eID Verification
  • General Funding Help
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • INTERAC® Online
  • Interac e-Transfer
  • Bank Wire
  • Crypto Capital
  • General Withdrawal Help
  • Rapid Bank Transfer
  • Express Bank Transfer
  • Cash Delivery
  • Direct Bank Transfer / EFT

The list literally goes on forever. We use this section all the time, and most of the time we find the answers to our queries here.

How to get in contact directly with Quadrigacx support:

  • Twitter @QuadrigaCoinEx
  • Facebook
  • Phone: 1-647-491-2708
  • Email: contact@quadrigacx.com
  • The address for Quadrigacx

223-2055 Commercial Drive


British Columbia

V5N 0C7




During the introduction, we mentioned that Quadrigacx has gone out of their way to create one of the most secure online crypto exchange environments in the world.

Most notably they use their own bespoke operating systems on their servers. This is a brilliant idea simply because the code is not known to any outsiders making it virtually impossible for anyone to hack the system.

To date, there have never been any reports of a security breach on the Quadrigacx exchange making it one of the very few that have managed to keep hackers out.

Another great feature is the built-in crypto wallet that comes with your Quadrigacx exchange account. These wallets are highly encrypted using financial grade encryption codes which once again gives yet another added layer of security.

The API is also very sophisticated. The company have partnered with the Cloudflare network that provides high-end SSL encryption. Cloudflare is one of the safest clouds online with DDoS mitigation providing cyber attack and spam prevention.

For account logins, you have a pin for withdrawals, which is separate from your password adding an extra layer of security, plus you can sign up for 2 step verifications.

  • Bespoke operating systems on servers
  • High-end encryption on their built-in e-wallets
  • Cloudflare SSL Encryption
  • DDoS and Cyber Attack Prevention


Why Choose Quadrigacx?

Overall, we recommend Quadrigacx if you are looking for an extremely trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange. The company is like an open book, which shows that they have nothing to hide.

If you are looking for simple but effective trading platform with its own built-in wallet and you only want to trade using the mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin Ethereum or LiteCoin, then Quadrigacx is certainly a good choice for you.

Also, for those that only want to trade with an exchange that comes with arguably the very best security, DDoS and Cyber Attack Prevention, then sign up to Quadrigacx.


Pros and Cons of Quadrigacx

Weighing up the trust value of Quadrigacx, you have to give the company a 10 out of 10. There are no reported flaws in their system and very few complaints about the company. They have a physical address that they share openly and Quadrigacx has many open channels for customer support.

Here is a list of the main pros and cons we came up with:

9 Total Score

  • Supports traders worldwide
  • A good variety of transfer options
  • Very deep liquidity
  • Offers multiple pairs
  • Highly secure encryption
  • Many open channels for support
  • Extensive FAQ/Support Centre
  • Low Fees
  • Easy to sue trading functions
  • Accept fiat currencies
  • Does not support US customers
  • Withdrawals can be quite slow at times
  • The trading functions are nice but basic
  • Limitations on cryptocurrencies you can trade

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