FTX Exchange Review

Best value FTX Exchange Review
9 Total Score
  • Low fees
  • You don’t need KYC to trade on this platform, but it can increase your limits.
  • FTX allows you to buy cryptocurrency using a credit card using simplex.
  • It is specialized in derivatives trading.
  • FTX guarantees liquidity.

FTX Cryptocurrency Review

Trust Score: 9/10

FTX is a crypto exchange backed by Alameda Research, a top cryptocurrency liquidity provider. It is among the top five derivatives exchanges by volume. Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, invested a large sum in FTX in December 2019. This shows that it is a promising and trustworthy platform.

Tradable Products

Let’s see different tradable products offered by wpsm_hidelink text=”FTX” link=”https://www.100bestcryptocurrency.com/go/ftx.com”] .

1. Futures

It is a type of agreement to buy or sell an asset at a predefined price. It supports perpetual futures on more than 20 cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BNB, LINK, etc. FTX crypto exchange also offers Index Futures, which allows you to trade several segments of the crypto market with much more ease. They include large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap coins. You can also trade exchange tokens, privacy tokens, and regional baskets. There are oil contracts that expire to the spot price of WTI oil.

2. wpsm_hidelink text=”FTX” link=”https://www.100bestcryptocurrency.com/go/ftx.com”] Leveraged Tokens

These tokens provide you leveraged exposure to the cryptocurrency market without managing a leveraged position. FTX exchange provides 45 different leverage tokens.

The platform offers up to 101x leverage. It places 10x leverage as default for safety. There are divided into three different categories:

1x tokens are known as Hedge. If ETH goes up by x%, ETHHEDGE goes down by the same percentage.
0.5x Long is known as HALF. If ETH goes by 2x%, it goes up by x%.
3x tokens are known as BULL or BEAR
The Bull tokens are ERC20 token. If ETH perpetual futures go up by x%, then the ETHBULL goes up 3x%, and ETHBEAR goes down by 3x%.

The BULL and the BEAR tokens automatically rebalance themselves to maintain target leverage and prevent liquidations.

3. FTX MOVE Contracts

Move Contracts allow you to trade based on the movement of the price of a specific cryptocurrency by risking only a small amount. The movement can be in either direction.

They are futures that expire according to the raw amount of BTC. It can be daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The weekly contracts need not correspond to the calendar week. The primary determinant is the overall volatility of the BTC over a set period. This feature attracts a lot of users to the exchange.

4. Options

It offers a European style options contract. They give you the right to sell an underlying asset at a predefined date and price, but it is not mandatory. When you open an options contract, you can choose it as either ‘right to buy’ or ‘right to sell.’

You can trade long or short with leverage. Also, you can set your strike price and expiration time. After entering all the necessary information for setting up the options contract, you get a quote from FTX to generate a bid or offer the deal within 10 seconds. They are highly customizable.

5.Spot Markets

It enables users to purchase cryptocurrencies and then trade them using traditional techniques using market matched orders. Popular digital cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LINK, FTT, BCH, BNB, USDT, BTMX, TRYB, PAXG, and XAUT are all available for spot trading.

6. Prediction Markets

They enable users to trade in more traditional ways. It is similar to conventional betting. You can bet on any real-world event. You will either win, and the contract will settle at 100%, or you will lose at it will drop at 0%. One of the famous examples is that you can bet on who will win the upcoming elections. Each candidate will have their contract. The buy-in price will differ for each candidate, and it will depend on the likelihood of winning. They can long or short each contract.


Suppose you are buying a large number of assets. In that case, it may be suitable for you to buy ‘over the counter’ or ‘OTC.’ Generally, professional traders choose this option because the order book might be thin to execute the trade. Another reason may be that it may affect the price of that cryptocurrency.

Most exchanges offer this option, but FTX charges zero fees outside the spread for the same. You can request OTC quotes. It provides preferential rates. You can know more about it by checking FTX’s OTC Quote portal.

Registering at FTX

To create an account in FTX, you have to click on the Register tab in the top right corner. You can secure your account using two-factor authentication in the profile settings. Next, you need to complete your KYC. The details are mentioned in the below sections.

Accepted Payment Methods

It supports various Fiat deposits and withdrawals for the following currencies. It doesn’t support INR for now, but we might see an integration soon as Binance has invested in FTX that has acquired WazirX exchange.


Transaction Fees

You are charged 0.10% for creation and redemption for leveraged tokens and 0.03 % as a daily management fee.

If you are using the leverage of 50x, it increases the trading fees by 0.02%, and for 100x or higher, it increases by 0.03%. It is paid to the insurance fund.

The fees for move contracts depend on the underlying index and not on the price of the Move contract.

It does not charge a fee for deposits or withdrawals. You are also not charged for converting in your exchange wallet or OTC trading.

If your fiat/stablecoin deposit/withdrawal volume is more than the trading volume, FTX crypto exchange charges you a withdrawal fee of up to 0.10%. They reach out to you before setting this.

Purchasing Limits

$2000-$9000 for withdrawals tier one.

Countries Supported at FTX

FTX accepts all but a handful of countries. FTX.us covers American customers.

Customer Support

You can write to them at support@ftx.com. If you are in Korea, you can also write to them at support@ftxkr.com. They also have an active Telegram channel in over ten languages. There is a detailed FAQ section available on the website. You can also contact them through their WeChat group (FTX_Official).


According to Mozilla’s Observatory-test, FTX has B+ security. It is an imposing score.

It also uses two-factor authentication. You can use Authy, Google Authenticator, or SMS for the same. Besides, you can also use a separate password for withdrawals. Under the ‘login’ section, you can add permission for different subaccounts.

Furthermore, the FTX crypto exchange has an incredibly specialized team from colleges like MIT and Berkeley and firms like Google and Facebook.

Lastly, the FTX is associated with huge names in the cryptocurrency space. FTX’s partners’ rundown incorporates firms like Circle, FBG Capital, and True USD, which by supporting the trade vet for its dependability.

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