Despite Numerous Rumours, No Change to Bitcoin Supply

In a heated response to the recent discussion as to whether the team behind the development and maintenance of Bitcoin Core is planning to increase the number of Bitcoins available, lead maintainer, Wladimir van der Laan, has reassured investors that no change is, or ever will be, implemented to the scarcity levels of the coin.

As of late, there have been several speculatory remarks made by so-called experts in the crypto game, but Wladimir is quick to point out several reasons why those ideas can, or will, never see the light of day.

For one thing, Bitcoin Core is specifically programmed to make 21 million bitcoins available, and to change that underlying code would require updates across the entire system. What that means is that everyone running the code would have to agree to such a change before it could be implemented on a large scale. The question must be asked, of course, why anyone would agree to a decision that would effectively devalue their coin. Wladimir’s response echoed that question when he said that no one in their right mind would ever even suggest that the number of coins should be increased.

The primary reason people would have for stopping a system-wide decision to increase the number of available bitcoins is that scarcity is precisely what makes the cryptocurrency so special.

Not only is the scarcity of bitcoin the very reason for its value and stability, but it is also what keeps it highly desirable in a market flooded with other crypto options. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of bitcoin, however, as argued by van der Laan, is that bitcoin cannot, and should not be managed by any one team or entity.

Bitcoin has earned much of its reputation based on the fact that it is decentralized. Wladimir feels that if he and his team were to somehow increase the coin count made available by the Bitcoin code, he would be centralizing the coin. Clearly, that is not something that he and his team are interested in doing.

Another argument offered for why both centralizing the coin and increasing the number of coins available is related to the psychology and relationships between the managers of the code and the users of the currency. Wladimir says that when a coin develops a following that is willing to make blind sacrifices as a result of misplaced trust in their coin’s development team, the uses of that crypto will often fall into the same traps found with traditional currency trading.

According to communication from ladimir, he and his team are so dedicated to the preservation of the current coin count that if anyone ever sees an update which states that coins are increasing, they should not use that update because something like that would never come from them.

It seems clear that Wladimir van der Laan, as well as the rest of the team behind Bitcoin Core, is dedicated to maintaining the strength and stability of Bitcoin. While other coins, like Etherium, have attempted to make sweeping changes to their code in an effort to respond to changes in the marketplace, the folks behind Bitcoin are staying true to their roots.

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