New Crypto Betting System for Fortnight on Twitch

In an interesting turn of events, gamers can now bet cryptocurrencies on their favorite streamers on gaming platforms like Twitch and others. Slotted for initial operation on Fortnite and Apex LegendsUnikrn, an esports gaming platform, is developing system for placing bets.  

According to the CEO of UnikrnRahul Sood, esports bettors do not have enough choice when it comes to placing bets. Other types of sportsbooks have ample markets to bet on, but when it comes to the esports industry choices are few and far between. Sood seeks to change that with his new product, and so far, it seems promising.  

The most important matches and tournaments in the esports space are always available for wagering possibilities, but there aren’t enough games available for continuous gambling opportunities. To solve the availability problem, Unikrn’s new system allows users to place bets on any match they wish to. In short, the Unikrn platform makes it possible for the entire network of players of these popular games – numbers well into the millions – fair game for bettors.  

Why is this a big deal? 

Unikrn is perhaps the largest esports network and platform in the world. With a registered membership of more than 100,000, and monthly visitors to the platform in the millions, the company has cemented a place in both the esports world and cryptocurrency markets. Unikrn’s virtual currency, Unikoin, is tied to Ethereum which means any large success stories for Unkrn as a company could mean big gains for the parent blockchain.  

In fact, Twitch and other game streaming platforms see views in the billions each year making the idea of a sure takeoff for Unikrn more likely than not. We have never seen a platform of any kind hosting so many active viewers. A platform that creates a star player ambience around some of the best streamers online seems the perfect choice for gamblers of the very near future.  

A Package Deal 

To bolster the increased available of esports markets that the new platform offers, Unikrn also secured a large number of past matches that can be accessed at any time.  

According to Sood, the development team took a strategy out of the highly successful playbook of other popular gaming companies. Much like video poker and virtual horse racing, gamblers bet for or against streamers of their choice. The bets are handled in the same ways as they normally are, but the results of the match are predetermined. 

The team is calling this new product virtual betting and it will be on the platform hosting the new Fortnite and Apex Legends betting system. Players will be able to choose between live matches and their virtual counterparts.  

To begin with, Unikrn will use recorded professional matches of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO. Betting will be fast-paced, leaving punters with little time to make decisions. The speed required to make decisions also means players will not have the time to research the games as they are placing bets.  

In Conclusion 

There are many factors that suggest Unikrn’s new esports betting system will be hugely successful. The company already has one of the largest esports betting networks in the world, and they are about to make it even larger by adding a powerful new suite of options for their large following. Seeing as how the entire network runs on the company’s own Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, we would expect to see a spike in value on both sides.

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