Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2020

10 Best Cryptocurrency Coins to Invest in 2020????

You will probably have read dozens of lists similar to this one online with the many different opinions floating around on which coins will be the best to invest into throughout 2018. That is the beauty of the trading world – nobody really knows for sure about anything but through research, experience and gut feeling, most will form an opinion on what they feel will perform well.

Our particular list contains what we would call sleeper coins that have a strong potential to make some serious gains in 2018. We may be wrong, we may be right but you should certainly take a look and do your own research to see if you agree with us.

Check them out:

  1. CyberMiles CMT

CyberMiles is the next generation of ETH. CyberMiles is a hidden gem that has so many tech advantages over ETH. It’s just a matter of time before we see CMT in the top 10
Here are two handy compare table of CyberMiles CMT and ETH, that clearly shows the huge advantage of CyberMiles CMT over ETH

rMiles CMT Compare to ETHThe 2nd thing CyberMiles is doing is, many people would just love to be able to take advantage of what CyberMiles aims to achieve, a decentralized online marketplace where they can buy and sell their products. Think of Amazon but decentralized – that is the core aim of CyberMiles.

CyberMiles is an app that customers can download which will allow them to buy and sell to other customers in a direct peer-to-peer manner. This project which is all to be done using Ethereum blockchain technology has already garnered a lot of interest and already big names such as Blue Lake, Morningside and IDG have become big investors.

We feel that this project is highly promising and is one that you should take a much closer look at. Once you have done your research, you might just agree with us that this is one of the top cryptocurrencies to be investing in throughout 2018.

  • Decentralized marketplace
  • Already received substantial investment
  • Building its own blockchain, (but right now using the Ethereum blockchain)

Where can i buy CyberMiles CMT: You can buy at Binance Here 

2 Lalaworld (LALA)

Lalaworld is a project that aims to solve a problem that many millions face among the underprivileged across the world. That problem affects more than 2 billion people and it is the fact that they are unable to get themselves a bank account. They aim to rectify this by providing them with a decentralized financial ecosystem that will allow them to store currency, pay for goods online and offline, pay bills and enjoy the benefits that many of us already enjoy using fiat currencies.

What users will get is:

  • LALA Wallet

This is the app wallet that will basically form the core of a users place on the Lalawaorld ecosystem. From here, all users can send and receive the LALA currency, pay bills and trade other crypto and fiat currencies.


Lalaworld will also give everybody their own digital identity. This will particularly appeal to the unbanked millions that are unable to get a bank account basically due to a lack of identification. Instead of using photographs as the core method of ID, this ID will use biometric data instead.

Once both of the above have been set up and identities have been verified, users can take full advantage of the range of benefits that Lalaworld will provide. They will be able to transfer funds, take advantage of a lending feature and even order a physical card that can be used for payments.LALA will be the currency that users will be able to transact with using their wallets.

We feel that this project has a lot of potential and that it is targeting a really big problem in some areas of the globe.

  • Aims to tackle a huge real-world problem
  • Will give users the ability to cut out the likes of Western Union for international transactions
  • Hotly backed ICO

Where can i buy Lalaworld (LALA) : You can buy LALA at QRYPTOS Here  

3. EiraCube (RETT)

EiorCube and its RETT currency is another project that many have tipped to enjoy a big year in 2018. This project aims to become the worlds first ever robotic pop-up chain of stores that are built on blockchain and internet of things (IOT) technology.

EiraCube is an automated shop that is manned completely robotically without the need for salespeople or any other members of staff. The idea is that retailers will be able to make huge savings through not having to pay wages or any other costs associated with being a retailer.

Clients will be able to essentially rent a single shelf at these pop-up stores and have the sale of their products and the marketing of them all handed in an automated fashion. These stores will be located in some of the worlds most famous high-end malls.

  • Unique and innovative project
  • An ICO that is receiving a lot of interest
  • Realistic roadmap

Where can i buy  EiorCube (RETT) it will soon come on Exchanges.

4. Neo (NEO)            

Neo is unlike the majority of coins on this list as it has been around for a number of years already. The main reason why it is on this list is the phenomenal gains it has enjoyed each and every year. It has now become the 7th biggest cryptocurrency with regards to market cap after 2017 which saw a gain in value of more than 123,000%.

NEO itself is more than just a cryptocurrency and is closer to being an ecosystem of its own. Users are able to trade Bitcoin and many other digital assets in a quick, cheap and private manner. This cryptocurrency has proved so popular that even the Chinese government have backed it. There is also talk that big corporations such as Microsoft Alibaba and a bunch of others have also backed NEO.

There have been some strong indications from many that there is still a lot more growth in this coin and that it could be one of the best coins to invest in during 2018.

  • Government-backed
  • Huge gains year-on-year

Where can i buy NEO: You can buy at Binance Here 

5. Genesis Vision (GVT)

Genesis Vision has been labelled as having the potential to be one of the best sleeper coins of 2018. This project is essentially a trading platform that has the sole purpose of bringing brokers, investors and investment managers a lot closer together.

To make it easier to understand, their platform will allow investors to select and choose an investment manager that they wish to purchase their tokens from. All investment managers will be judged and graded on all previous trades that they have made, allowing investors to pick one that is both successful and similar to their own style of trading.

Each investment manager on the platform will be designated their own unique cryptocurrency and the number of tokens that they have will be determined by their trading history. The better that history, the more tokens they will be allowed to issue.

We think there is great potential for this platform. There are plenty of people out there that do not know too much about trading and would probably jump at the chance of being able to use an investment manager to look after their investments in the markets.

With this coin being valued pretty low right now, we think it could explode during 2018 as and when more people learn about its potential.

  • Innovative decentralized trading platform
  • Labelled a sleeper token to watch for in 2018

Where can i buy NEO: You can buy at Binance Here 

6. Enigma [ENG]

Many experienced traders have claimed that Enigma must be one of the most undervalued coins on the market right now and that it could quite easily climb into the top 25 or 20 cryptocurrencies by the end of the year in terms of market value.

Enigma is actually a second layer protocol that is being developed in order to be the solution to two of the biggest issues that blockchains face today. Any of you that know about blockchain technology will know that those two issues are scalability and privacy. Enigma will be able to improve this on any blockchain by laying over them and performing some of the more computation-intensive tasks so that the blockchain itself does not have to.

Enigma has also released a working application, Catalyst, which is a decentralized data marketplace. This on its own should show you that this is not just another coin with nothing more than a whitepaper, they have actually created something and are confident that their technology will be of a huge benefit to blockchain technology as a whole.

  • A team of experts that were bred from MIT
  • Their vision really could be a solution to a couple of big blockchain problems

Where can i buy Enigma [ENG]: You can buy at Binance Here 


IOTA is in many peoples opinions, was one of the best coins to invest in for 2018. IOTA is a decentralized cryptocurrency that makes use of a blockless blockchain to complete its transactions.

Due to this cryptocurrency not using blocks on its blockchain, there is no mining needed and therefore no mining charges to pay. This means that all transactions are completely free using the IOT (internet of things), which allows devices, gadgets and appliances to communicate and transmit data. Those transactions are also faster and more secure than cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

IOTA and its currency MIOTA have been the talk of the town ever since they first launched and while you might think it might be too late to get on board with this project, there is still so much more to come. The trading price is still at a reasonable level too, which means there is still plenty of potential to make big gains on your investment.

  • Tipped by many to be a good investment for 2018
  • Cheaper, faster and more secure than Bitcoin

Where can I buy  IOTA (MIOTA): You can buy at Binance Here 

8. Horizon State [HST]

Horizon State is a unique concept that aims to develop a voting and decision-making platform using decentralized blockchain technology. They claim that their voting system will be unhackable, cheaper, faster and more private than any real-world systems. They are already said to be in touch with a number of organisations that their platform would appeal to such as political parties, NGOs and other international enterprises.

Results will never be able to be altered or tampered with and the costs of each vote will be as much as 20 times cheaper than they are today. Such systems would certainly be in-demand if their technology really is as unbreakable as they claim it will be.

This platform has the potential to literally revolutionize political systems on a worldwide basis if they manage to come good on their vision. For that reason alone, we think that this is a coin that should be researched further and certainly considered for investment in 2018. It is still in the very early stages but the fact that they are working alongside a number of governments would suggest that they are for real.

  • Decentralized voting platform
  • Cheaper, faster and more secure than traditional systems

Where can i buy Horizon State (HST): You can buy at Cryptopia HERE

9. Request Network [REQ]

In layman’s terms, Request Network aims to become the ‘PayPal’ of decentralized blockchain technology. Their platform will allow users to create invoices that incur very little in terms of fees that they can then send to others to be paid. The platform will also come packed with auditing and accounting services that will also appeal to users.

What sounds promising is that the Request Network will also adopt a similar ‘pay with request’ feature that will allow users to make purchases online with just about any cryptocurrency that they are holding. They have also cleverly found a way around having to store and hold these currencies for themselves by instead holding just fiat currencies that they will use to pay for the goods while taking the current conversion of said cryptocurrencies from the user.

Like many other coins on this list, it is still in the early stages but we do like the idea of what they are developing. It really could be a gateway to connecting cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies in a way that has not been done before. You could see something you want to buy online, request an invoice from the retailer and then pay that request using your cryptocurrencies.

  • Aims to become the ‘PayPal of blockchain’
  • An innovative project with big potential

Where can i buy Request Network [REQ]: You can buy at Binance Here 

There are a number of other coins that we could have included on this list as there really are some promising cryptocurrencies to look forward to in 2018. However, these are the ten that makes our list for now and it will be interesting to see how each of them performs throughout the remaining months this year. If any of them interest you, we suggest you delve into them further before making an investment – as you should never just take anybody’s word on how something will do. There are never any guarantees in crypto land.

Others great coins for 2018 Ada, Eos, XLM

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